Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oliver Mtukudzi

Last night was FANTASTIC as it turned out it was not African Drumming I went to watch but two bands, one was a local band (African must find out the name) and the other was a talented performer from Zimbabwe, Oliver Mtukudzi and his band. The music and the atmosphere was electric, we were surrounded by hundreds of loyal fans of Oliver Mtukudzi, who now live in Australia. I can tell you from now on I too will look out for his return visits, he was astounding. My heart and soul was moved by what I heard and saw, happiness filled the arena and I could not stop smiling and moving in time to the beat. To see people dancing their traditional dances, to see the joy on their faces, it is one of those moments I shall aways treasure, I understood none of the lyrics yet it did not matter, the music moved me to a level of bliss I have never attained before. I purchased a CD before I left and it has been playing today, it is meditative and mellowing it transports me to another time, perhaps another life, I seem to know this music it calls me on a cellular level calming me to my core.

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