Friday, September 14, 2007

How hard is it to place ones dirty dishes into the dishwasher in the morning (afternoon, dinner time)? Is it a man thing? Every morning there they are placed DIRECTLY above the dishwasher waiting to be placed inside, the challenge here is what????? And while I am having a rant, shutting the bathroom doors actually is quite simple too! I must admit I do not like a messy untidy house, (although I too have my off days) my pet hate is dishes left hanging about in the kitchen, especially now our kitchen is in the middle of the house. I like everything in its place, no clutter, no piles of papers or magazines left lying around. Unmade beds, clothes left lying around, messy cupboards and drawers things left dumped on the kitchen worktops all annoy me. I feel that your home reflects what you feel about yourself, if it is messy and untidy, organised chaos what does that say about you. I like my house clean and tidy, uncluttered and filled with plants also there is always incense, oil burners and candles burning to create a harmonious atmosphere. Clean and inviting without being clinical. I have always been the same because as a young girl I always thought that god is in every part of us, our home and our possessions, this has not changed, I know that we are connected to everything animate and inanimate objects they are all part of god / the Universe / great spirit whatever terms sits well with you. Therefore we ought to respect and look after all that is in our care, what we think of our self is reflected in how we care for our homes. I know that I always feel comfortable and relaxed in my home, and all who visit say the same thing, I feel that how we treat ourselves and our homes reflect what is going on inside us, in that case I feel I am doing alright. Our home is warm and inviting, a calm and tranquil environment, and with all that has happened to me this year I feel that says an awful lot.

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