Saturday, September 01, 2007

Green Fingers

I have just come in from weeding the front garden, listening to a lone crow talking away, calling his friends no doubt, and I am feeling very calm and grounded. I do love the garden that I planned out the front of the house and it is all staring to grow wonderfully now, I am delighted that we will be staying to watch it grow and blossom, attracting the birds, I made certain when choosing the plants that all that I selected were natural food for the local honey eating birds.

I am so excited about the back garden now as well, did not take me long to get inspired, I was wide awake at two o'clock this morning wandering around outside, I feel I require a project, it will keep me busy and give me a lot to do as well maintaining it, I feel it will give me what I require to take my mind off being somewhere else. I have always loved gardening, natural therapy for the soul.
Theme will be tropical around the swimming poolside of the house, with a scented garden around the back, on the other side of the house will be bougainvilleas along the fence with geraniums in window boxes, perhaps with a few herbs too. Although before all this happens I must mulch again, as you can see the first lot is very dry now.

I have a vision in my head, and I am all geared up, just in time for my second operation! Never mind it will give me an incentive to get back in shape. I feel much better now that we have made a decision, and I am going to put all I have into creating a garden and a home that wraps around me when we enter the door, a sanctuary of peace and tranquility where the world simply disappears and relaxation and serenity prevail.


Mandi said...

plants at the front are doing the cream grevillia....sooooooo pretty....this gardening lark will need before... during and after shots or I won't believe you're doing it...and no sneaking in magazine shots either trying to pose them as yours....hehe

Gemel said...

You are on dear one, it takes me back to when we gardened together, remember? Seems like another life time.

I shall take the before shots today if possible, if not tomorrow, then be prepared for the transformation!