Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Energy Change

Yesterday afternoon I had the impulse to change the rooms of our home around, I had thought about it before, something was not flowing right, seem to lack the right energy. I had thought that I would attempt to do it by myself today, as a surprise, however I was prompted to raise the subject after dinner last night, and after a rather guarded response we set to and move three rooms completely around. This morning I have got up and the house feels so much lighter, more flowing and quiet homely, something that it lacked before, and that was not through lack of attempting to do so, after all I had started the 'feel good' factor when we were building the house by placing crystals throughout the brickwork, to enhance the vibration of peace, love and serenity into the home. I will also add that I was left to do this on my own, I think that I was viewed as quite odd! In any case the house feels warmer now, all in harmony. Perhaps this is a good start for a new beginning? I am glad that I did not attempt this on my own, as my knee quite obviously is not up to that kind of strenuous work as yet, and this morning it is very sore and tender. So thank you La La's for your intervention, they know me well, if we had not have done it last night I would have attempted it myself today.

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