Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why are people such maniacs on the road first thing in the morning???? I have just returned from my morning swimming, feeling all relaxed and peaceful. When all of a sudden I am prompted to remain alert (thanks La La's). As I was driving around the last major round-about before our home a madman driving a work truck failed to see me, (how? I was practically in front of him) his passenger reached over and grabbed his arm and showed him I was there, forcing him to slam on his brakes to miss me(I had right of way I might add). He just did not see me, how is that possible? Where exactly was he? Dreaming of something else? Late for work? The speed at which some people drive be it first thing in the morning or at any other time of the day or night is ridiculous, they appear to have no regard for anyone else on the road especially those of us who like to keep within the speed limits, often driving so close behind you that if you did have to brake suddenly they would more than likely kill you as they parked on your back seat. I get abused for doing the speed limit and for letting people in when there is a queue, why? The undertone in this city is aggression, especially on the roads, the police have zero tolerance for any traffic offence, maybe that is a good thing, although having said that no one appears to be bothered about paying speeding fines, and they can always get extraordinary licence if they loose all their points (why?) yet this does not stop the thousands of aggressive speed freaks that dominate the roads here. They drive as if they are the only ones who matter, they do not take into consideration anyone in their path, nor do they obey any of the road rules, they make them up as they go along, it makes you wonder about the mentality of these people in other areas of their lives. Most of the 'happy' people you encounter during your day, are the same people that turn into monsters once they get behind the wheel of their car, so which is their true persona? I guess I am one of a limited few who feels that we ought to live our lives in peace harmony and love, and apply these principals in every area of our lives, even driving. This country has the reputation of having a laid-back and carefree style of life with people who are happy and friendly, whoever said that obviously did not spend any decent amount of time living here.

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