Friday, August 03, 2007

Kangaroo Cull

I noticed that the Australians are at it again, wanting to cull kangaroos. Why is it when any other species does well the humans feel that they are within their rights to murder them. Have they not thought about the fact that they are destroying their natural environment as the greedy business men count their ever growing bank accounts, planning on new land developments everywhere that is still untouched virgin land. A sign I recently saw read, 'change your view' as I drove past I noted how delightful this particular view was, a week later the view was changed alright, ready for more new houses, what do these people feel when they are clearing this land and running over or digging up live feeling beings? Do they ever consider what they are doing? Are they just cold heartless monsters capable of killing anything in the name of money? I pray that one day these cruel callous people wake up to the devastation that they are causing before it is too late. Why don't we consider slowing down on human breeding? What gives the human race the population poll position? All of us have equal rights to be on this planet, and we all play an equally important role no matter what size we are or what our body is covered in. I give intent that the universe assist these magnificent creatures and ensure that they suffer no longer at the hands of the money hungry white man.

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