Friday, August 03, 2007

It Works

Aloe vera truly is worth its weight in gold, Blossom has been having 10mls twice a day (much to her disgust), as a tonic.
Anyway when I left the house this morning she was in her basket by the gas fire (just in case it jumped into action) so I left her there after attempting to explain I was going out and the sun would be on the bed and she would miss out if she did not stay on it. Not being one to do as she is told, of course she got down. Tough I said you will be cold.

Coming home a few hours later where did I find her????? On the bed! That is the first time ever that she has ever got up onto the bed by herself since we have had her. Of course I kept asking her, how did you get there? And she just looked at me as if I had lost the plot completely!
I was amazed, and quite frankly lost for words. If this is what will occur after only a short time on aloe vera, what prey tell awaits us after six months???? Watch this space as I am certain other miracles will follow in due course!

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