Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I have just returned from the most surreal walk I feel I have ever had, it was as if I was walking this familiar path for the first time, although it was more than that, far more.
I was aware of looking though my eyes, seeing the astounding beauty in the stormy sky, my senses were on overload, the waves were crashing, the wind was howling, birds where flying above my head calling to each other, and I was part of them. It was utterly amazing. I was aware of how dreamlike it all appeared to be, like I was walking in a dream, or in a walking meditation, perhaps that is the best way to describe it? An aspect of my self was seeing this all for the first time and I was aware of this happening, I knew intuitively that a part of my soul was seeing this life of mine here on earth and I felt a wave of inner peace unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I felt completely at One with every part of the natural world that was surrounding me.
As I gazed up at the Sun it was hidden from view by the full dark rain clouds that were looming overhead, I felt its radiant love pouring into me, filling my soul with love and light, I felt safe and loved, feeling its warmth upon my body, it was like a home coming, blissful.

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