Monday, August 20, 2007

Animals can't speak for themselves.

In the crusade against animal rights children provide the most positive hope as they still have open and receptive hearts. As J M Coetzee recently said " Given half a chance, children see through the lies with which advertisers bombard them (the happy chicken that is painlessly transformed into succulent nuggets, the smiling moo-cow that donates to us the bounty of its milk). It takes one glance into a slaughterhouse to turn a child into a life long vegetarian or vegan." A lot of people are totally unaware what happens in the real life of a cow, sheep, pig, chicken, deer, duck ........................... In fact a survey was recently conducted in the UK and it found that thousands of children believed that cows laid eggs, that bacon came from sheep and most did not know that beef burgers originated from cattle. If we educate our children into the horrors of the real food chain I feel that as they grow up they will be more aware of what they are eating and where it comes from. I have always said that if we still had to kill our own food many more people would be turning to vegetarianism as a result. Even though I follow a vegan diet I do not bury my head in the sand, I know too well of the horrors that the animals of the planet endure so that man may eat. These beautiful creatures are treated as if they do not have feelings at all, yet if you go out and watch animals in their natural environments you will begin to see the way they communicate and love each other. Can you imagine the pain and anguish a dairy cow must feel as its new born male baby calf is taken from her immediately, killed and used for yummy veal for some high class restaurant, all so the human children can have their glass of milk. Imagine if it was your child, then you may start to get the picture, we are not the only ones who love and feel, and it is about time that our children were educated correctly, actually the majority of adults ought to be too. It is up to all of us as a race to put a stop to the factory farming and barbaric murder of all animals on this planet when all of us can survive without eating the beautiful animals that share our planet.

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Mandi said...

yep....know what you mean....can't see how things will change you know both mine were made aware and eldest has chosen to eat meat which is her choice....though not as much as some....there was a survey here where kids didn't know bacon came from an age was 16 I think...and I think that if a video and a leaflet were put by the meat stand in the supermarket it would give people a chance to really choose...most bury their heads in the sand resemblence ...packet=cow...does not compute...and if it does well at least they all changed after the war...and any catastrophe now reults in panic buying...inbred fear of going without cos the knowledge of growing food and the inclination has gone out the window....far cheaper to buy it from poorly paid pickers...till soon