Sunday, July 15, 2007

When Blossom is a Hungry Tum

When the rumble of her hungry tum calls her in the middle of the night Blossom has come up with a number of ways to wake her sleeping humans.

If on the bed she will;

Tap me on the shoulder with her paw.

Walk around my pillow.

Gently head butt my forehead, followed by cheek licking.

Tap my head gently with claws extended ever so slightly.

If she is already on the floor (she is unable to jump back up) she will;

Shout (meow) at the side of the bed.

Claw the side of the bed and then run underneath so I can't grab her.

Hit the wrought iron handles on the bedside tables with her paws so that they rattle very loudly.

She will get her point across no matter what, when Madame B has a hungry tum no one will sleep until someone feeds her, and often when we do get up we find her midnight feast is still in her bowl, untouched I might add, she will then happily eat it not giving a moments thought to having woken us up!

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