Saturday, July 14, 2007

Give Me Strength

Last night we went out for a meal to celebrate a special occasion, around two hours before we were due at the restaurant I received a phone call to ask what it was the chef could cook 'the vegan'. The vegan, it makes it sound like I am some sort of leper! I suggested a pasta dish with a tomato base, oh we can't do that as all our pasta is egg pasta came the reply, okay, have you got rice? Yes. Okay, what about a savory rice dish, vegetable chilli, stuffed peppers or roasted mediterranean vegetables????? Who is the chef here? I appeared to fluster the poor woman even more, too many ideas, can you eat dairy? No, a vegan does not eat any form of animal bi-product, okay she said so you don't want any eggs or dairy? Yes that is right I answer. To which she said and no meat? Give me strength! I then confused her even more when I told her that my dinner companion was a vegetarian, however she thought that was easier as at least they eat chicken and fish, do they I said. And which plant do they come from? I continued to say a TRUE vegetarian will not eat any flesh foods although they may eat eggs and/or dairy, this appeared to be somewhat of a revelation to the poor soul, bless her heart. Is it any wonder we rarely eat out? By the way the token 'vegan' dish was as about as inspiring and tasty as baked beans on toast, (which actually would have been tastier) lesson here, my food is delicious and creative so why do I put myself through this every now and then, it really is not worth the trouble, unless I know that the restaurant is a vegetarian establishment from now on I am steering clear. And it makes one wonder, what sort of training do chef's actually receive? I mean for a trained chef to have absolutely no idea what to cook for a vegetable dish is really quite unbelievable.

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