Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Ego Mind

The biggest personal challenge any of us ever have to contend with is the ego mind, it will lead us down the path to failure, illness, depression and unhappiness time and time again. The only way of beating the ego mind is to put aside time everyday to be still. It is by being still that you will begin to control the mind,especially the negativity of the ego mind. I know that for many they say that they have no time to be still, they can't relax, they are unable to clear their mind, as long as they think that way so it will be. We are our thoughts, we control every day we have by what we think, yet we often do not take control in a positive way, we often allow the ego to take over and lead us down the path to dis-harmony, going over the past in our heads, and in most cases we will then end up blaming others for where we find ourselves, not really willing to take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. Our life upon this planet was not designed to be difficult, we do that all by ourselves, and this modern world of materialism does not help our souls quest into returning to Oneness either, too many temptations. For me I find that when I feel the ego mind attempting to manipulate me I either meditate, go for a walk or do some yoga, and if all else fails or I am unable to do one of these things, I watch my breathing and consciously change the thoughts in my mind. Overcoming any obstacle we give ourselves is not impossible, it takes your inner strength and dedication to overcome the patterning that we have become prisoners of. In my own life journey I know I have overcome many challenges that at the time I thought I would never overcome, looking back I can proudly say that it has always been by following my quite inner voice that has lead me to wholeness once again. I know that it sounds too simple to be true, it is not. To regain your balance and your inner peace, health and clarity understand that only you can do that for you, no one else has that ability, they may offer advice or techniques, however only you hold the key to your own happiness and health, it is all down to way that you think. Thoughts of love, harmony, peace and happiness will only produce a life of positivity. It is like I said a few days ago, happiness has nothing to do with who you are, what you have or where you have been, it has to do with what you think.

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