Sunday, July 22, 2007


Why does the human race feel that it has to compete with everyone in every area of life? Why can people not play sport just because they enjoy it? Why can people not learn simply for the knowledge that they will be given? Why can people not enjoy their employment because they enjoy what it is they do? Why do women feel that they have to be thinner, younger, trendier than there friends and peers? Why is it you are looked down upon by the 'in crowd' if you do not appear to money? Who made money GOD anyway? Why can't more people see the beauty in the magnificence of themselves for who they are and what they give to this world from simply being in it? Why do they feel that they have to be 'someone' to make a difference in this world? Why can't they see that we are all equal and perfect in every way, no matter what path we wish to walk in life, what colour our skin may be, what language we speak, we are all One.

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