Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Cold Treatment

You know your life is predictable when your cat knows your daily routine and sulks BIG time when you are getting ready to go out at night! The cheek of it! Blossom is currently sat on the bed, curled up, peeking over her tail looking daggers at me. She is not a happy bunny! Bless her little heart, I shall bribe her with a handful of Cravers, her latest kitty treat, these rank better than Greenie's and Kitty Candy, she doesn't just drool when she smells these succulent tasty surprises, she dribbles uncontrollably, saturating herself as she waits in anticipation for one of these delectable little morsels to enter her mouth. It will keep her happy for the five seconds it takes for her to devour her treat, and then she shall resume her position and will not acknowledge me until we return home. I suppose I can cope with the cold treatment, just!

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