Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Wonderful Night

I had a wonderful night full of dreams, dreams where I was aware that I was actually dreaming, knowing that although some of the places I found myself were shall we say a little bizarre, I knew that I was only visiting that aspect of myself. On waking the first time I knew that I had been given clarification for things that were happening in this reality, which I have found to be quite beneficial. It was also rather delightful to see that many people who share this reality with me, where also present in my other states of consciousness. I know that not everyone believes that we are more than this body, some still believe that after they depart from this world that is it, they are worm food, bless them. Me, I carry with me an intrinsic knowledge that I am not just what I am here, a human, I am many things with other aspects of myself in many different dimensions. I sometimes wake up and wish that I had not returned to Earth, I find that I feel more at peace and light whilst on my intergalactic journeys, however today that is not the case, I feel light and calm which is wonderful. I feel I am to remember that my life here on planet Earth was chosen by me to transcend challenges that I wished to understand. And to also remember that planet Earth and humanity is headed for a new age in a few short years, the Age of Light, and I know that I intended to be present on this planet for this event, and now this knowledge brings me serenity, after all I am not a human, I am in fact a extraordinary Being of Light, just like every other human here on Earth.

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