Thursday, June 07, 2007


For those that say that they dislike winter I wish to say it is my favourite season, (especially in the UK) however for the moment I am to make do with an Antipodean winter. Yesterday I was so delighted on my morning walk, the Sun as you can see was hidden behind the beautiful grey clouds and as the wind whipped around my ears it was so blissfully cold. I have always been surprised at people who say they hate winter because the sky is always grey and the Sun doesn't shine. How wrong they are, have you ever taken the time to really look at a cloudy sky? If you did you would see that the clouds will vary in shade as well as colours, grey, white, cream and hints of blue and mauve will be displayed in a cloudy sky. And as for the Sun it is still up there shining beaming its warmth to us even harder on these glorious winter days. This morning I have awoken to the sound of rain upon the roof, the wind howling and a fantastic cloudy sky, a breathtaking start for my day.

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