Thursday, June 14, 2007


Why is it that man sees nothing wrong with destroying not only our planet, but also other planets in our solar system? Is it not enough that modern man destroys our wonderful natural landscapes and oceans in his desperate need to control and to get rich? Why does he now need to send rockets into space aimed at other planets for the advancement of science? Does everything need to be destroyed? Is science really about destruction? Why does man think that he has the right to cause the mindless damage and murder of innocent animals and people in this quest? Why can't these power hungry, money worshipping imbeciles see that they are not the only people of importance? That they are a mere speck in this wondrous cosmos of ours, that all the creatures and beings that reside in this dimension all have the intrinsic right to live in harmony and peace. With the Age of Aquarius fast approaching I give intent that the sleepers awake, to finally see the havoc they have wreaked, and with this knowledge awaken to the Oneness that connects every living entity upon this planet and throughout the universe, before it is too late.

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tracy said...

Yay. I,v learnt how to leave a comment, all by my self. All i have to do is learn how to spell hahaha. Tracy xxxx