Saturday, June 09, 2007

Up To You

Emotions and thoughts create our reality, therefore when things are not how you wish them to be, change your thinking and your attitude and you will bring about the positive changes you desire. The more angry you are the more disharmony you will attract to yourself, and the more people will wish to have little to do with you. The more we allow lust to rule our lives the less likely we are to settle into lasting and meaningful relationships, therefore the lonelier we become. The more suspicious we are the more isolated we will become, by not trusting others you condemn yourself. All negative emotions keep you locked in your negative world, the more attention you give to the negativity within yourself the more it takes hold. When you become aware of your thoughts and emotions taking you down a negative path, change the image in your mind, think of something else, go for a walk, meditate, count to ten do anything that will change the negative vibrations replacing them with harmonious and happy ones. After all how you feel is entirely up to you, no outside influence has the ability to create your moods or thoughts, only you have that privilege.

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