Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Universe

Do you really think that the Universe / All That Is / God would place us in a place where we could not find, new friends, joy, health, abundance, laughter and love? Where we found that each and every day there was something to be happy about? A place where we were never limited in any way or unable to change a situation we found ourselves in? No I doubt that would be the case, in fact the only limitations that we encounter are the ones we came here to experience, or present ourselves to learn from. You may ask, what about the people born in the poorest countries, enduring what appears to us a life lacking love, loneliness and hardship? Perhaps these people are richer than us in many ways? They may live in a hut built of straw and mud, wear clothes that are old and tattered, maybe they wear no clothes at all? They live a simply life, simple food, no car, TV, phone, few possessions or profession. To us this sounds like the life from hell, dirty and dusty, having to build a fire before we can eat, bathing in the river which you share with crocodiles and giant snakes. Is this really the case? Do these simple people who have upheld a humble lifestyle for thousands of years have something to teach us? They have no stress, no cancers, the hatred, no competition and they have not made money and status their gods. They do not waste their lives attempting to out do their neighbors nor do they bother climbing the corporate ladder, they are not interested in how well little Timmy can spell, how fantastic he is at sport or what university he will attend, they are not that shallow. These exceptional people have a wisdom that fails to impress the materialistic and shallow 'money' people, they know what is really important in life, they honor all life, they are not greedy only harvesting what is needed for one meal at a time, they honour the earth and are aware of the beauty in each sunrise of every animal and plant that shares their world. They understand about balance, and harmony, respecting all life around them and coexisting in peace. Perhaps these courageous souls have decided to incarnate this time to a life that would provide them with spiritual fulfillment, without having to become a guru or disciple to prove their wisdom or their faith? And until the white man invaded their worlds raping and destroying their homes, lives and land they were free of disease and what we term poverty. They led peaceful and happy lives, wanting for nothing as they had all they desired. Simple to see who has it wrong!

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