Thursday, June 14, 2007


Why do we use the word love so frequently when it really does not apply? If you have ever felt real love you would automatically know that you do not love your food, house, car, stereo, books, drinks, sport, etc........ Love is not that easily attained and in all honesty most people mistake lust for love and therefore they will find that when their lust begins to subside they realise that they do not love the person that shares their life, in most cases they will not even like them at all. True love comes from the soul, and it is found in an instant, a recognition of a person from the moment you meet them, or in some cases see them in passing for the first time, it can be woman to woman, man to man, as well as man to woman. True love also does not always involve sexual attraction, it can be deep friendships, and brother and sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, even treasured pets. If you have ever experienced true love you will know what I am talking about, you know in an instant, you connect with a person when meeting them for the first time, you know their soul and you find yourself immediately comfortable with them, you will be open and honest without concern to what they might think, you will be coming directly from the heart. Like a lot of things in this materialistic superficial 'modern' world we live in we are far to fickle with our language and emotions, in most cases rarely sincere with our words or our hearts. I know the people in my life that I truly love, and I know that they are few, I am certain they know who they are because I feel their deep and intense love in return. I do not have to physically tell these wonderful magnificent people of my feelings, they know intrinsically of our soul connection, and that no matter where we find ourselves in life we are only ever a thought away from each other. When you look at love in its real context, how in all honesty can you love your house, car, job, clothes, city, country ............................?

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