Friday, June 29, 2007

It's All About NOW

Life happens now, it can be lost in yesterday and misspent waiting for tomorrow.
Look for the quiet places, search for the stillness, because it is not until you stop to search deep into the silence and the stillness that resides deep within all of us that you will find your self.
Be not concerned about the tragedy's of yesterday, no matter how horrific or devastating they may be. We all have our souls agenda to fulfill whilst we are here, when it is your time to be reborn (die) there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Those of us who have included in their life lesson to be apart of a natural disaster, a murder or some other atrocity, do not send them pity, anger, prolonged grief or sympathy, instead honour them for the sacrifice they have given to humanity, their gift into assisting us into the dawning of The Aquarian Age. We spend too much time looking backwards, rehashing old drama's and situations in our life, creating more upheaval and dis-easement within our bodies. We spend too much time remembering past anniversaries of events that have taken place around the world, by practicing this we are inviting more negative energy into our own life. Life is about now, and not every ones now, your now.
Take the time to acknowledge and honour those who give their life in an attempt to lift humanity from this dark age we live in, helping this raped and spent planet cleanse itself of the damage that the human race has caused. Humanity could not have continued its destruction of this planet without the laws of cause and effect taking control. By lifting your self to the inner realms of stillness, you too can assist the balancing of the earth. By healing yourself, and reclaiming your divinity you also lift the vibration of this planet. Next time you decide to watch the news, listen to the radio, read a newspaper, think about the feelings that this mis-information causes you, does it serve a purpose to your personal life, (apart from adding fear, negativity and anger) does it give you feelings of love, happiness and compassion? Is there any real reason you need to know this 'news', does it enhance your life in anyway at all? There are millions of humans who walk this earth and all of us have come in with our souls lesson already decided, we are here to enjoy this realm of matter, to enjoy our body and the senses we have been given. It is not part of our agreement to interfere or to mourn the lives of those who walk with us. Life upon this planet is all about NOW. Your special and individual NOW.

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