Friday, June 01, 2007

In A Perfect World

I am feeling much better today and I put most of that down to the fact I slept through the night, except for when I picked Blossom up to get back on the bed that is, bless her. Blossom really is a most remarkable little cat, she has developed a surefire way of making certain that one of us will hear her when her tummy rumbles during the night. Perhaps this is because she is unable to jump, so instead she has resorted to more subtle ways of awakening her sleeping humans. 1. Gentle paw tapping to the shoulder or head. 2. Purring REALLY loudly right next to your ear. 3. Shouting (meowing) as loud as she possibly can, again right next to your ear. 4. Paw tapping to the scalp with claws extended just slightly (this is added when you are not showing any signs of response.) 5. Hitting the wrought iron handles on the bedside cabinets over and and over again (this is when she has jumped down and can't arouse us any other way.) 6. Scratching the side of the bed with her claws and then running away when you try to crab her to only to do it again on the other side of the bed. Animals are dumb? I have never agreed with such a suggestion, I know there are millions of humans who think that animals are nothing more than pieces of steak and sausages running about, they serve no purpose other than food, clothing and bi-products. Animals, birds, fish in fact all of the wonderful creatures that share this planet with us are all as unique as we are, they all have the ability to communicate with us if firstly they have earned our trust. When an animal starts to communicate with you and to offer their love and companionship you have received a truly remarkable gift, the gift of true love. Blossom was given to me from the Universe and since that moment when I first picked her up half dead and so weak with starvation she has filled my days with joy and love, she has shown many of my friends how remarkable she is with the way she communicates with us, she is an extraordinary little white cat who trusted me completely from that first moment and who with every day that passes gives me nothing except pure love in return. I guess that is why I have always preferred animal company to that of human company, there is no hidden agendas, you know where you are at all times, they do not manipulate they simply love you for who you are. I know that my perfect world would be one where no animal was used for food, clothing, medical testing, bomb detectors, target practice or any other activity that involves their suffering or murder. Each and every creature has as much right to walk this planet in peace and without fear, and I give intent that one day this is so. Until then though I shall treat my little cat like the queen she is, knowing that although I have not saved every animal that is suffering at least I have saved Blossom and I am giving her the luxury of living her remaining days here in peace and comfort safe from any harm.

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