Saturday, June 23, 2007

If You Are A TRUE Vegetarian

If you are a TRUE vegetarian you do NOT eat; SEAFOOD, which tree do fish / shellfish grow from? None, they are living breathing beings THEY ARE FLESH FOODS. POULTRY, not sure which crops they harvest these from, they are living breathing beings, THEY ARE FLESH FOODS. I do not know how many people that I encounter who are naive enough to think that a vegetarian will include these two food groups in their diet. A True vegetarian will eat neither, only the Demi Vegetarian will include these food sources in their diets, which means they ARE NOT TRUE vegetarians. In all honesty otherwise intelligent people really do act stupid when describing a vegetarian diet. And if they wish to get even more technical then I shall add a few more variations. Ovo vegetarian - will include eggs in their diet. Lacto vegetarian - will include dairy products within their diet. Ovo-lacto vegetarian - includes BOTH dairy foods and eggs in their diet. Vegan - will eat NO form of animal bi-product, has a diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seed, grains pulse and legumes. Fruitarian - will eat a diet that consists totally of fruit. (The diet our Creator intended us to follow) Of course deciding to follow any of these diets sets you up for ridicule and at times harassment as the carnivores like nothing more than to defend their taste for blood. However having been vegan for a number of years and vegetarian before that I am able to tell you that as long as you balance your diet you will be far healthier than anyone who follows a flesh food diet. So next time you meet someone who CLAIMS they are a vegetarian yet will then sit down to a chicken or fish dish, they are I am afraid deluding themselves, they have simply cut out pork, beef and lamb, which I guess is a start, but perhaps they ought to go back to school and learn the difference between a fish and a plant and a bird and a plant, then they will realise that they are not a vegetarian!

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