Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I am feeling a little nostalgic at this very moment and I feel it is to do with the pending departure of my new friend, I really am going to miss her incredibly. This new friendship appeared out of nowhere, we were instantly in tune with each other and I feel that is what has made this friendship so unique. I know that the Universe had its reason for keeping us apart for so long, even though we had moved into the same street, within weeks of each other. Having spoken to her today I was once again deeply moved by the amount of friendship and love I have for this person, and how empty my life will seem without her being physically here any longer. Still we shall not be separated forever, and I know that until then we shall keep in touch via phone and email. Our bond shall not be broken, it was to rare a gift, an instant connection, this friendship is one of my greatest gifts from the Universe and I shall treasure it always.

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tracy said...

Babe. No hundrends of miles will ever breake our frendship. You have tought me many things and i will always treasure that. You truly are a special person. And i,m honred to call you my freind. Tracy