Friday, June 22, 2007


Forgiveness is the greatest show of love a human being has. When you find yourself in situations that brings feelings of, anger, weakness, depression, anger, hatred and revenge, return to your heart and allow compassion, love and forgiveness to emanate from your being.

This world today is fueled by negative and violent thoughts and emotions by the sleeping humans who walk its surface, for those of us who are aware of who we really are , it is up to us to assist humanity in its waking, by always choosing love and forgiveness over any negative thoughts and emotions.

With the coming of the Aquarian Age (The Age of Light) a few short years away it is essential we all return to a place that is within all of us, the vibration of love and of light, we are after all ONE people, connected by our Creator to walk in peace and harmony with each other the Earth and the other sentient beings of this planet. There is no separation into races and countries, we are ALL spiritual beings having a human experience, we are not even truly from this planet, however we have chosen to forget (in most cases) of our sovereignty and our true origin, of the connection we have to all life upon this planet, be it animal, plant or mineral, all is connected to us, all is sacred, all is us.

Therefore it is of no use holding grudges and behaving in a violent and angry manner, when in fact what you are angry at is only another aspect of yourself.

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