Friday, May 18, 2007

Oh What a Feeling

I have just had the most delightful morning watching my most favourite movie (My Fair Lady) in the WHOLE world, it moved me so much, I cried and laughed, sung and smiled remembering the first time I watched it as a child enchanted and mesmerised, and today I was exactly the same as that little girl captivated once again by a story so delightful that I was totally hypnotized. I remember watching this movie over and over again, and yet today as I sat there glued to my chair it was if I were watching it for the very first time, it has left me feeling so euphoric and jubilant so absolutely buoyant. It has given me confirmation at how the simple things in life hold the key to happiness, who would have thought that by simply watching an old movie that I could have reached such an emotional state, I feel on top of the world, perhaps because I have just realised how far I have come in my own fairy tale (life) and how much I too have to sing about!

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