Saturday, May 26, 2007

Its Been a Long Time

Its been a very long time since I have enjoyed the stillness of the night, laid awake and listened to the silence, and felt its safety and serenity. Lying there in the quiet, being aware of my body, of me. I always enjoy the wee small hours of the night, being alone, no noise, no distractions, no light, just darkness and silence. It is a wonderful time to appreciate the wholeness and miracle of what I am, WHO I am. It is a time where quiet contemplation is just that, quiet. During the day no matter how quiet you think it is outside or in the house, there is always noise, noises that will intrude into your quiet space as you attempt to connect to the stillness within yourself. Yet at this time of night it is still, quiet and serene, bringing calmness and comfort to my soul. I love to listen to the silence, to how it fills every nook and cranny of the house, of my soul. Stepping outside into the night, being overlooked by thousands of stars twinkling above, the silence is still unbelievably loud. No birds, no traffic, no people, just silence. I have always thought that this is the best time, yet this a time that most people never see, they are too busy sleeping. Yet if they occasionally got up from their bed in those moments of insomnia instead of laying there becoming frustrated with themselves for not being able to return to sleep, they would find that the tranquility would lull their soul back to sleep, by listening and appreciating the silence that surrounds them, allowing the quiet to calm their soul, allowing their thoughts to drift into the night as they just rest there, they would return to the stillness that they are once more. It is a magic time, a time where reflecting on ones thoughts comes naturally, often inspiring solutions to problems that weigh heavy on the mind, a time I find where thoughts flow providing inspiration and solutions to those questions that lurk in the back of your mind. Keeping a journal of my thoughts at these moments has always served me well unleashing the unceasing chatter that can at times prevent me from returning to my sleep, writing allows me to speak to myself, giving myself the ability to listen to what I have to say, what is seldom heard in waking hours, my intrinsic wisdom.

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