Friday, May 11, 2007

I Miss Winter Because..................

This is what winter should look like, this is the winter I miss, snow and frost, icy mornings dark and cold. Wrapping up in layers topping it off with a fluffy jumper and a nice warm coat, hat, gloves and scarf. Of walking to work with the snow crunching underfoot, of watching the sun catch the dripping ice off the frozen gardens, houses and cars. Of seeing the steam rising from the chimneys and the glow of the houses as I pass. The feeling of getting inside, and feeling the warmth of the radiators that warms the entire house or work place. Of scraping the ice of the windscreen of your car and warming it up before you can drive to work. The beauty in the freshness and purity of the white landscape, its stillness and it transformation into this brilliant magical wonderland. Of clear winter skies that entice you to rug up warm and venture out to the woods or the mountains to enjoy a brisk winter walk, and stopping at a old country pub on the way home for a glass of red and a bowl of steaming soup. Of sitting by the fire, watching the snow falling outside, seeing the robins feeding on the freshly stocked bird table, wondering at how tough these tiny little birds are. The magic of the festive season, of houses decorated in lights, flashing and twinkling, the sounds of carolers singing. Winter in England is the most amazing spectacle where no two days the same, where the view each morning differs from the one before, where clouds range in colours giving a different atmosphere every day, where misty rain can even drench you as it swirls under your umbrella..........soon again I shall enjoy these joys, these simple pleasures of nature at its absolutely amazing best.

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