Saturday, May 26, 2007

I Intend To Be Positive But

Believe me I meant what I said the other day about looking for the positive aspects of every single day. Okay today we decided to go and do something different, we decided to go for a drive to the next little town just north of our home, check out the Red Cross Shop for secondhand books, (reading is our passion) sound like a good idea? Yes, we thought so too! We left home about 9 am for a Saturday morning that is not too bad, anyway off we went singing our little hearts out to The Beatles, having a jolly old time. We arrive at our destination at 9:20 ish and it took us around 5 minutes to go through all the books at the Red Cross Shop, so we thought we would go to shop on the other side of the path as we noticed on our last visit that they too had a large collection of secondhand books, but guess what? It was closed. Not a problem we thought, we shall go and have hot drink and wait the 20 minutes for it to open at 10 am, but the cafe opens at 10 to! Okay we thought we would try the other cafe just down the road, so into the car we get, (it was about to rain) drive there in a minute and a half and guess what, yep, closed too, until you guessed it 10 am! Talk about sleepy hollow. We then had a mini debate about whether to go home or wait for the other shop to open, I won I said we have driven all this way, lets wait. So we did, then EVERYTHING opened at 10 am and we spent another 5 minutes checking out the secondhand books, walked outside and said lets go home! Wow, that is as much fun as I could handle for one day, it may sound harsh, and I am not going to wallow, however, there simply is nothing to do here, it is BORING! All I can say is thank goodness for books, the more of them we can get the better its the only way we shall keep sane!

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