Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Friend

Sometimes out of the blue you are given a friend, and I mean a real friend just when you require them the most. Someone who arrives at just the right moment, when you had lost faith in humanity, and I guess to some extent your self too. These last months since my accident I have seen and I do mean really seen who my friends are, at a time where I required a little support and companionship I have been given a glimpse of who has been willing to offer me the true hand of friendship (I am not including my friends home in the UK) as they are too far away to visit, yet all of them have contacted me and supported me via phone or email. I guess at a time where physical contact was something that was longed for, someone to assist with errands and conversation to break up my day, the only one to provide this was someone I met three weeks ago, and that has really surprised me. I know we are all bogged down with life, commitments and the mundane tasks that keep us busy, however I know that if I had a friend who was isolated from her family and friends incapacitated and feeling low and vulnerable I would be there to support and to nurture her, making her feel that she is not alone. Even if it was just once or twice, I would make an effort to be there, because that has always been what I have been like, but more importantly I know what it is like to feel alone. I thank the universe for my new found friend, and although she is abandoning me and returning home to the UK in around five weeks, I know that we shall stay in touch, she is one of the few people that you know you are meant to meet, meant to share a portion of your life with, and I am glad to add her to my list of special friends even after such a short time, because I just know we have known each other before and that we have many more happy days to spend together.

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