Sunday, May 27, 2007


At last the barriers have come down, tears shed and words uttered, words that have been locked deep inside, festering and depleting our very beings. At last we are finally free to move forward together, united as a pair working towards the same destination, home. It has taken many months of personal silences and personal inner turmoil to allow us to reach this position, and yet with a simple conversation with level heads and open hearts finally we have made progress. I feel lightened and free, as if all the turbulence within my soul has evaporated with my drying tears, words that have lingered upon the tip of my tongue have found their voice, and with it I was greeted not with confrontation but with an open and loving heart, one that shares my pain. I have taken responsibility for the decision to move to here, yet I am honest enough with myself to know that with all the sorrow this move has caused us, it has produced many boons that quite frankly I feel we may never have seen if we had not taken this harsh step. I am utterly overwhelmed at the level of openness that was achieved, the honesty that had been lacking as we both dealt with this situation in our own individual way, and at last we know there is no one to blame, we took this step together, it is part of our destiny. We now truly do see our way forward, together, at last, just as it always should have been.

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