Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Feeling Yuk

Do you know I really am so dreadfully out of sorts at the moment, feeling utterly awful and quite unwell, and if my thoughts are anything to go by then it is actually no surprise! Healer, heal thy self! I seem to be going through a lull in self motivation and discipline, and just when my mobility is returning, how odd! I am feeling rather disgusting my body not its self either, I am actually wondering if I am having a reaction to the medications that I have been advised to take since the operation? I am not a regular medication person and in my healthy frame of mind would never even take a simple pain relief tablet for a headache, as it went against my beliefs, yet here I am popping all sorts of pills, what a surprise that I am having all these dreadful reactions in my usually chemical free body, what an idiot I have been! I have turned into a sheep, one of the obedient zombies that believe all the mindless twaddle that their GP feeds them, no one is a better healer for my body than me, no one knows my body better than me, so why on earth have I been wandering off to see a silly little man in a white coat, when I know the best ways to help myself???? Thing is I feel so ill, (yes I know my words, thoughts and deeds create my reality) so what am I doing speaking about it, moaning about it and acknowledging the pain? Wallowing I guess, time to stop? YES.

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