Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cupboardy Cat

Blossom has just had a mad ten minutes, (at her age that is all she can muster) playing with her new toys. She was given five kitty toys last night from her neighbors Charlie and Oscar, (I shall not say friends, because if you will remember she disgraced herself the other day when we went to visit them.) Blossom really likes one in particular, she has been having a jolly good play with it this morning after her cupboardy cat routine, she goes and stares at the pantry (or any other closed door) and once it is open she goes inside and hides and then comes running out and goes tearing through the whole house at a slow jog! Bless her furry little heart! In any case she is really quite taken with this toy in particular, so much so she has taken it to bed with her.

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