Saturday, May 19, 2007


Cars what do we really require them for? Getting from A to B? Fashion accessory?? Status symbol??? Of course you guessed the right answer, getting from A to B, after all any fool knows that, right? Wrong. The car has become yet another way of showing your style (or lack of it) and it also serves to let others know how much money you have, which in turn means how much groveling you are required to do. When did the human race become so materialistic and shallow? I am afraid this downward slide into a pointless and material existence started years, and years ago, however I would have to say that people have now lost the plot completely where their cars are concerned, they have become extensions of their personalities, their status in society. People take on another personality when they step into their car, often you can find that an often polite and pleasant person (few and far between where I live presently) take on a whole new persona once they get behind the wheel of their jaunty jalopies, especially if it happens to a sporty little number, a V8 speed machine or a ridiculous four wheel drive, (you know those zippy little cars that mum drops her kiddies off to school in!) The sport car driver, usually some imbecile who has an identity crisis and wants the WORLD to know they are cool, they are hip, they are sexy and of course they have MONEY, they will tailgate behind you looking SO fed up at the fact you are in such a ridiculous little car, and that you are also doing the speed limit. Get out of the way will you? Most of these sporty, 'cool' drivers do not know that speeds kills, they are too busy preening and posing to notice. The V8 driver has a super attitude to go along with their loud and powerful car, they do not like anyone in their way and will intimidate those who are silly enough to do the speed limit and stop them from making as much noise as possible as their push their foot to the floor, deafening those they pass, these drivers are aggressive and usually out of their depth driving a car that is far too powerful if trouble should happen to appear, and in most cases if trouble does appear these idiot drivers survive, killing or seriously injuring others that get in their way. The four wheel drive owner, these seriously self indulgent would-be-snobs (as well as the REAL snobs) use the I am bigger than you therefore get out of my way rule to command total respect whilst on the road. They are generally bullies (because they are better than you) who because of their sheer size will speed along behind you in an attempt to get you out of their way so they can go and terrorize some other poor soul. Oh and why we are on with it, why would any sane person want to take their children or CHILD to school, go to work ALONE or go shopping in a four wheel drive? Because they are completely absorbed in their own importance and utter idiots. Am I mistaken or is there a crisis in the world with fossil fuels, green house emissions??? Should people be actually choosing cars for their fuel saving abilities and by doing so assisting in helping our dying planet, the planet we are raping and destroying with our greed and ever increasing need for a bigger, more powerful over sized car. Me, I drive a tiny little car, one that runs on the smell of an oil rag, finally gets up to the speed limit, after annoying the line of pompous idiots behind me, bless! One that tells the world that I give a damn about the state of this planet. Unfortunately living (currently) in Perth (Australia) you require a car, the public transport is crap, especially where we live, I myself would like nothing better than to revert to the old horse and carriage, however that is not practical in this 'modern' world. But lets face it, people can do their bit to assist, for instance how about walking or riding a bike when you want to go to the local shops, I do, it is good for you, you know they call it exercise! And maybe mothers could actually walk their children to school in the mornings, you know give them some FRESH air and EXERCISE, what a lovely way to start and end their day at school, failing that they could car pool. Sounds too smart! Oh in that case lets give it a miss shall we, I mean when else could we do our posing tottering along in our designer gear??? And what about the commuters, the ones that could easily suggest to others in their offices or work place lets share the expense and journey even though they live a five or ten minute drive away from each other? Don't they realise how much that would help? No! Too far up their own backsides to even consider anyone else, let alone the planet. And they say we are intelligent................... selfish and shallow is more like it! Wake up and think about what you are doing and look at the bigger picture, stop competing to be the best, richest, coolest, fastest, sexiest motorist on the road and start thinking about the future of the planet, the planet your children are going to be left with, god help their souls.

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