Thursday, April 12, 2007

Plastic People

I am surrounded by plastic people living in a plastic world, of children that lack a childhood as they are so keen to be grown up, of women who think that the only things that make them attractive are plastic nails, plastic faces and breasts, trendy clothes, never-ending youth and oodles of expensive jewelery, oh and of course an expensive image promoting car! How shallow! I crave the company of people who can see past these meaningless material things, people who can see that there is far more to their existence on this planet than what the media force feeds them to keep them following like sheep, keeping up with what is in to wear, to drive etc. People who will claim that their town is 'the' place to bring up a family, yet when asked why this is they can not give you a viable answer, people who take you on a 'tour' of their home to boost their own ego as you gaze upon their possession in admiration, making their chest puff out as they feel you envy them and their magnificent castle, oh dear will they ever see, that life is far more than that! Who is it that decides what is trendy for a woman to wear, what car to drive, what holiday to take, what a home should look like? The media, politicians, business people, these people control the minds of millions of poor souls who are too blind to see that they are being manipulated every day of their lives. Lost in a world that is totally controlled and engineered to manipulate the mindless millions that follow. They do not question why, they simply rush out and buy the latest fashion or gadget to be 'hip'. Over here in Australia one of the current trends is that of the home theatre, which presently gives me the most belly laughs, you should see what some people have in their homes, they go all out to create a mini cinema in their house, complete with big cinema look a like armchairs, one for each family member, of course! Television is by far the biggest drug that we have to contend with, yet very few can even see this, they rush home at night to sit before their grand plasma television sets and allow their life to pass by as their brain switches off and they become tuned into the brainwashing dribble that entertains them each night. As they sit there watching the flickering images in front of them they munch away on TV dinners, soft drinks and junk food, which further corrupts their body and mind. Most of these people that appear to 'have it all' are in debit, in some cases they will get themselves in so deep that they will loose it all, and my goodness what will they have then???? What sort of life will they have without all this stuff? A normal one? I am not saying that I live in a hut without any modern appliances, nor am I saying that one should, I am saying that there is more to life than what the media tells you, that you can furnish your house with second hand furniture and still create a warm and loving home, you can dress in last years clothes, or clothes from ten years ago and still be a desirable and sexy, you can drive a car that does not have all the latest extras, women can grow their own nails, be happy with their own breast's, after all they decided what body they wanted prior to incarnating on this planet, so why should they wish to change it now, it was perfect then and still is, it is society that is deeming it otherwise by force feeding the 'super' models and actresses down their necks to make the normal women feel ugly and fat, abnormal, they do not realize that these 'super-people' have their photographs airbrushed, have plastic surgery and liposuction to maintain this false image of perfection. Many do no think about what they are doing and why they are doing it, they do not question why their children are becoming little adults, why families have lost the art of communication and why, when they buy these things it does not satisfy the hunger within them, they still want more. They have lost themselves and no amount of 'stuff' can get their soul back. They have to go within. I maybe viewed as strange because I am a natural woman, no plastic on or in me, I do not follow fashion trends, I do not watch television, do not read magazines, newspapers or listen to the radio, I read books, LOTS of them, I talk to my family, I talk to animals, plants, hug trees, I meditate, talk to my guides and to spirit, I don't eat meat ( or any other product produced from an animal), or junk food, I use each day as another blank canvas ready to create a new and wonderful day, to unfold another aspect to myself, what is wrong with me they say? I don't care what they say anymore because I am a real person an open and loving truly natural person, who is growing more each day by understanding the gift that I am, and that I am already perfect.

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