Saturday, April 14, 2007

Once again I find myself awake in the middle of the night, nothing on my mind as such, simply awake, and not tired, I like this time of night, the stillness and the quiet, you can hear the silence much more at this time of day. I feel I have let myself down a little lately, being incapacitated still to an extent with my knee I have not been doing any form of exercise, and eating some food that does not agree with me, and also I have even allowed wine to be consumed again, I feel that I have been feeling a little sorry for myself, thus slipping from my dedication to total body health, so instead of getting anal about my fall from personal grace I shall simply put it down to experience, and resume where I left off. I feel at times I give myself these slight set backs to prompt self growth, although not long ago I would have used these events to permit myself to fall into a 'poor me' mode, feeling sorry for myself and the predicament I currently find myself in! Nothing happens by chance Dear One, it is all designed by you, every single tiny detail, of course I know this, and I realise that it is relative for my growing awareness!

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