Friday, April 06, 2007


I have just finished a very deep mediation, once again I woke early, although this time Blossom woke me insisting on breakfast at 3 am, once up I could not return to sleep, we went and sat outside for awhile, I always enjoy the stillness and quiet of the early morning, it is a time that my soul enjoys. There has always been something about the dawn that has always drawn me, to watch as the Sun rises once again, there is a special magic that accompanies the rising Sun, I feel at peace and so connected to source by simply sitting there in silent appriceation of this mighty orb of Light.
It is no coincidence that I have always been drawn to the Sun, I have always felt safe, protected and extremely peaceful as I gaze at this magnificent orb, I feel it drawing me closer, filling me with warmth and cosmic energy, I feel the Light enter my body, see it as the billions of tiny rainbow shafts merge with my body. The way in which I view my body, (and everyone else's) changed some years ago now, and with it did my concept of what 'reality' really is. I know that what we see is not in fact what we are, we are made of millions of orbs of Light, all working together to create the illusion that is our body. These orbs of Light that I see are the same orbs of Light that make up the shafts of Light I see coming from the Sun, and going into everything and every living Being upon this planet.
I often forget how magical my life is, also how much I had already remembered on my self awakening journey, and this morning in meditation as I gave intent to remember, I realized that was not as asleep as I thought I was, I have come a long way already, however I had become stagnated and allowed my Ego Mind to take control of the reins, why I am uncertain, however it was required, perhaps to bring me to this moment, to remembering who and what I really am.

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