Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I feel with each passing day that I am returning to my path, with a renewed oomph, I feel that I am getting closer to fulfilling my souls purpose, my destiny.
I understand that I have been stopped for a reason, and although I may not fully understand it at this time, I know that all is as it should be, and more than likely as I planned it to be! I understand and accept that I lost my way for a brief period of time, I stopped believing in myself, in the powerful and talented body worker that I am, I now see that I was hampering my own success and abundance by allowing myself to feel as if I were inadequate in my abilities as a masseuse and healer / energy worker, in any case I feel that this lapse of confidence was required for me to see how thoughts are things, I had not listened to my own advice and produced myself a rather delightful set of circumstances in which to grow. It is working and I feel myself returning to my soul after many months of exile, self inflicted of course, creating for myself a enormous array of lessons, all designed I am sure for me to smell the roses and wake up. Awake I am, at last!
Life is a Miracle!

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