Friday, April 27, 2007

Life is a Magical Journey

I have been a little silent of late, busy being me, enjoying me, and remembering me. I sometimes have these periods of time where I only require my own company, where the presence of others is totally not required, and often it irritates me when my quietness is disturbed, often I crave to be alone, silent and still, with no artificial noise to intrude upon my stillness. I enjoy these moments of inner contemplation, of seclusion, of peace, tranquility and isolation, it gives me time to feel who I am. Every second of our life is unique and has the capacity to produce our tomorrows, in which ever way we see fit, it is in our times of solitude that most of our thinking is done, and it is vitally important that our thoughts are used to the highest good of our soul, to think pure and loving thoughts, thoughts of happiness and fulfillment, remembering how magnificent and special we are, how important our life is, what a difference we make to the world, just by being in it. Use your quiet time to acknowledge the splendor of you, the beauty of you, the richness of you, and by acknowledging and believing these things about yourself you will attract to your life, beauty, love and richness in every single area, your thoughts are things, they create your reality, so make sure you are thinking about things you really desire! If it is not a thought of love, let it go, let go of the past, of hardships and despair forever, think only with your heart and soul and transform your life into a magical and passionate story ever changing and ever new, bringing you the utmost contentment and joy, it is all up to you. Life is a magical journey if you live from the heart.

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