Thursday, April 05, 2007


So many houses not many homes, I can honestly say that I have been into very few homes since moving to Australia, but I have been into many houses, houses that lack the warmth and nurturing environment that is a home, instead you are greeted by the material trappings that have taken over. We have built a new home since arriving here and unlike the vast majority our house is actually a home. When the house was still in the construction stage I went around to every room and placed crystals within the brickwork, I wished to amplify the energy I desired to create with our home, by starting with the crystal energy on the inside it has added to the ambiance of our home, even though it is still not finished inside, you can sense the peace and tranquility that radiates from within the walls. We are not materialistic people, we have not purchased furniture, floor coverings or any other household item by how much it cost and its effect on 'impressing' people, I mean in all honesty why would you wish to waste twenty thousand dollars on a wood floor, just to say 'its REAL jarrah! Who is that for? And why is it that we required all these rooms, for decades it was enough to have two to three bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room and lounge, now you are suppose to have at the very least three living areas, two kitchens, (one outside because people are too lazy to walk inside when entertaining outside, but mainly to impress their peers with their top of the range BBQ area), home theatres, this is one that really makes me laugh, how shallow life has become! Our home is not a furnished with top of the range anything, however it surprises many when they find out that most of our furniture is second hand, (some people are visibly shocked that we admit it) found browsing all sorts of interesting places, it is amazing what you can find. We do not require people to come into our home and ooh and ah about what we have, we simply like people to visit us, it is not important in the slightest what they think about our possessions, and to be frank I do not wish those sort of people in my home anyway, if that is all it is that interests them, I will not be drawn to them in any case! Perhaps the materialistic people ought to ask themselves why is all this stuff is so important, why do they have to have all these things, hocking themselves up to their eyeballs just so that they are not out done, what a state to be in! It is all about 'status' about who has the biggest and the best, and if you have bigger and better, then of course you must be a 'better' person, right? Wrong! How superficial, no person no matter what walk of life they come from is better than another, we are all equal, and therefore I feel that this obsession with opulent houses is yet another way of dividing people not only from others, but also from themselves. Life is not about acquiring possessions, it is about living and loving, and a home is where your heart resides, where you nurture your loved ones, enjoy your friends, somewhere to be still and to relax, not a place to brag about what you have and how much it cost.

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