Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The past couple of days have been shall we say interesting, I have been experiencing a variety of unusual and intensely spiritual happenings. I know that the more I continue towards complete remembrance these experiences will become normal, and the human state will appear much more abnormal.
Two things happened today which were shall we say, quite monumental, the first as I was sitting in a waiting room a man walked in dressed as a cowboy, very loudly he made his arrival known to all and sundry, as I looked up from my book to see who it was making this noise I smiled to myself and thought 'bless him, he thinks he is in Australia' which of course he was, and so am I! When I realised this fact I stopped for a moment to acknowledge this feeling, of only just arriving in my body, of thinking I was not where my Soul thought it was.
About half an hour later in my car and driving home, I was all of a sudden aware that I had not been in my body, I could not remember about 3 -4 minutes of driving, I felt my awareness reenter my body and thought how did I get here, at first I thought it was unsafe, however I am certain that I was being looked after and that my safety would not be put in jeopardy.
Interesting, I wonder what is next!

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