Thursday, April 19, 2007

Conceive Create Experience

Conceive Create Experience = Life.
Sound simple? Well it is, that is as simple as life gets, the sleepwalkers amongst us moan and complain that they never get what they ask for, that their prayers go unanswered, no, what they REALLY ask for, what they focus on, go over and over in their head, their conceived ideas, take form and become creation and presto they have the experience they requested! Trouble, heartache, etc.
What happens to most of humanity is that they cancel out their positive thoughts, replacing them constantly with the negative chit-chat that fills their head, they have not learnt that thought = conception, that they are God, the Creator, The Universe, The All That Is, in simple and plain terms they draw to themselves that which they think about, what they resist and what they are frightened of. Why? Because that is what they focus upon. To conceive, create and experience the things you TRULY desire, you accept the fact that you already have it, you thank God / All That Is / Universe for this thing, situation, relationship, job, house etc and get on with enjoying life. The more you dream about something, think about it, the more you repel it from you, you make your goal unreachable, out of bounds, the trick is to act like you already have it, you are it, this relates to every situation in your life, to BE, to know and by knowing you begin to remember who you really are.
The other most important factor is to be totally in love with your self, love thy self like no other, be selfish allow your love to begin from within, I have said this before, you can not receive love from another, until you are in love with yourself! When you treat yourself as the queen / king you are, then and only then are you ready to completely and honestly love another, without expectations! That is where the human race goes wrong, they expect. We all enter into relationships expecting to have needs met by the other, and most of the time we are not even aware of this fact, we feel jubilant around this new love, they make us feel wonderful, then quite suddenly after a period of time the novelty wears off and you begin to resent them and they you, for changing and becoming another person, wrong. We trade each other in emotions, believing that the other person is actually filling in the empty spaces within us, they are not, it is an illusion, which when the other person stops 'trying' to be something we created them to be and returns to being them self the relationship begins to fall apart, and we blame them for being the cause of it. How silly we humans really are. To love and honour yourself before all others is THE ONLY way to whole and fulfilling loving relationships, with out complete self love and acceptance you will always stumble along in life feeling unlucky in love, although perhaps that is what you desired to experience? We are forgetting one thing here, this is the realm of freewill!
Once we understand that we are the sole creator behind every relationship, job, situation, illness and of course let us not forget success, you have finally got it. You understand what and who you are, and once this penny has dropped if you decide to continue making conscious choices and thinking with a conscious mind you will then change your life to the life you wish to have, the dreams will become thoughts (conceive) you will produce (create) that which you desire, and them you can enjoy the outcome (experience), it is as simple as that!
Make today the day you begin to think consciously, the day that you take firm hold of the reigns, creating your life, and with your renewed self-belief, you will set in motion a domino effect in all areas of your life, when a situation presents its self to you and it is not what you desired or thought about ask your self, what would love do now? Do not return to anger, resentment, control or fear. Your answer will be a lot different than when you were wallowing in self pity, angry, resentful or being a poor me. You will see that there is no right or wrong, there simply IS, and it is only your perception of having a right and wrong that creates all these dilemmas that appear to follow you around hampering your life, change the way you view the challenge, enjoy the experience, whatever it is acting out of love for love. Allow all angry and resentful thoughts to leave your mind completely, forever, and you will know peace.

Speak about what is only relevant, speak in a voice of love, speak only of the now, the only moment worth living, plant seeds for the future and accept that you have what you have asked for, it is as simple as that. It dose not matter if you have taken 30, 40, 50, 60 years to get this, the fact that you have it now is all that matters, start from this moment on to be in love with you, to speak in the language of love, to radiate only love. And from this moment on your life will produce for you all your truly desire.

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