Friday, April 27, 2007

Life is a Magical Journey

I have been a little silent of late, busy being me, enjoying me, and remembering me. I sometimes have these periods of time where I only require my own company, where the presence of others is totally not required, and often it irritates me when my quietness is disturbed, often I crave to be alone, silent and still, with no artificial noise to intrude upon my stillness. I enjoy these moments of inner contemplation, of seclusion, of peace, tranquility and isolation, it gives me time to feel who I am. Every second of our life is unique and has the capacity to produce our tomorrows, in which ever way we see fit, it is in our times of solitude that most of our thinking is done, and it is vitally important that our thoughts are used to the highest good of our soul, to think pure and loving thoughts, thoughts of happiness and fulfillment, remembering how magnificent and special we are, how important our life is, what a difference we make to the world, just by being in it. Use your quiet time to acknowledge the splendor of you, the beauty of you, the richness of you, and by acknowledging and believing these things about yourself you will attract to your life, beauty, love and richness in every single area, your thoughts are things, they create your reality, so make sure you are thinking about things you really desire! If it is not a thought of love, let it go, let go of the past, of hardships and despair forever, think only with your heart and soul and transform your life into a magical and passionate story ever changing and ever new, bringing you the utmost contentment and joy, it is all up to you. Life is a magical journey if you live from the heart.


Last night I had a wonderful dream, a dream where friends far away where sharing my day, as always in these dreams the feelings and sensations of them being near to me linger with me in my waking and thoughts of them follow me throughout my day, it reminds me of how simple it is to feel that connection to those who share your heart, it only takes a thought to activate their presence to give you a feeling of warmth, friendship and love. We are never alone, not ever, apart from the fact that we may at times feel we are, it simply is not true, because apart from the fact that we are surround daily by many unseen Beings, our thoughts give us the capacity to connect with loved ones in an instant, anytime anywhere, never leaving us lonely again!

Blossom's Bliss

Blossom is in pussy heaven this morning, snoozing by the fire not a care in the world, oh to be a cat!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I finally feel as if the testing and trying times are now coming to an end, I had in the last year and a half lost my way and felt quite isolated, I am more than delighted to say that this past week has seen me make monumental progress in reclaiming my self. I have read two wonderful books, one in particular I know prompted my cellular memories to awaken, it has given me clarification about who I really am, and more importantly where I really come from, and what I am capable of achieving. Also I have had support in relation to my business here on the Blue Planet, and this has raised my confidence and renewed my belief in my-self, ( I do often forget to heed my own advice), also I was sent a truly beautiful message from two new friends in Hawaii, it moved my heart and soul and made me feel the connection to members of my light family many miles away. I spent a great deal of time last week sleeping, resting and enjoying the quiet, and within this solitude I found my answers, the keys to my passage home. It has been awhile in coming yet I understand and welcome the path that has lead me here to this day, to this moment, NOW. It has all been perfect, it has all be as it should be, it was all designed to get me to this exact point in time. The moments of my remembering, my return to All That Is!

Thanks Mum

Blossom was very excited when we returned home from shopping yesterday with two rugs and a heater for the house, the installation was just complete and testing was in progress when madame appeared and sat in her basket to watch the proceedings. She looked so happy as she sat there watching, and even after it was switched off she decided to stay close by, just in case it was turned on again.

Bless her little heart.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Note from The Universe

Oh sure, dreaming is the easy part! Thinking the shiny, sexy, happy thoughts. And so are the baby steps; moving with your dream. The hard part, Gemel, is... Well, actually, choosing words that imply you're on your way is pretty easy, too... Pretending is easy... Gratitude, easy... Finding stuff to be happy about, easy... Help me, Gemel. I must be forgetting something. What's supposed to be the hard part? The Universe

The Sky

The one thing that captivates me more than anything else in nature is the sky, it has the ability to produce the most wonderful works of art, original and breathtaking, each unique and inspiring.
One thing I know where ever in the world I find myself, I can always guarantee that the sky will endlessly grant untold beauty every day of this life of mine, and each and every day I honour and give thanks to the Universe for creating this wonderful living canvas full of beauty which changes with every beat of my heart.

My Angel

My little angel, she is just the most divinely perfect cat in this universe, after all the Universe sent her to me. Right!

Conceive Create Experience

Conceive Create Experience = Life.
Sound simple? Well it is, that is as simple as life gets, the sleepwalkers amongst us moan and complain that they never get what they ask for, that their prayers go unanswered, no, what they REALLY ask for, what they focus on, go over and over in their head, their conceived ideas, take form and become creation and presto they have the experience they requested! Trouble, heartache, etc.
What happens to most of humanity is that they cancel out their positive thoughts, replacing them constantly with the negative chit-chat that fills their head, they have not learnt that thought = conception, that they are God, the Creator, The Universe, The All That Is, in simple and plain terms they draw to themselves that which they think about, what they resist and what they are frightened of. Why? Because that is what they focus upon. To conceive, create and experience the things you TRULY desire, you accept the fact that you already have it, you thank God / All That Is / Universe for this thing, situation, relationship, job, house etc and get on with enjoying life. The more you dream about something, think about it, the more you repel it from you, you make your goal unreachable, out of bounds, the trick is to act like you already have it, you are it, this relates to every situation in your life, to BE, to know and by knowing you begin to remember who you really are.
The other most important factor is to be totally in love with your self, love thy self like no other, be selfish allow your love to begin from within, I have said this before, you can not receive love from another, until you are in love with yourself! When you treat yourself as the queen / king you are, then and only then are you ready to completely and honestly love another, without expectations! That is where the human race goes wrong, they expect. We all enter into relationships expecting to have needs met by the other, and most of the time we are not even aware of this fact, we feel jubilant around this new love, they make us feel wonderful, then quite suddenly after a period of time the novelty wears off and you begin to resent them and they you, for changing and becoming another person, wrong. We trade each other in emotions, believing that the other person is actually filling in the empty spaces within us, they are not, it is an illusion, which when the other person stops 'trying' to be something we created them to be and returns to being them self the relationship begins to fall apart, and we blame them for being the cause of it. How silly we humans really are. To love and honour yourself before all others is THE ONLY way to whole and fulfilling loving relationships, with out complete self love and acceptance you will always stumble along in life feeling unlucky in love, although perhaps that is what you desired to experience? We are forgetting one thing here, this is the realm of freewill!
Once we understand that we are the sole creator behind every relationship, job, situation, illness and of course let us not forget success, you have finally got it. You understand what and who you are, and once this penny has dropped if you decide to continue making conscious choices and thinking with a conscious mind you will then change your life to the life you wish to have, the dreams will become thoughts (conceive) you will produce (create) that which you desire, and them you can enjoy the outcome (experience), it is as simple as that!
Make today the day you begin to think consciously, the day that you take firm hold of the reigns, creating your life, and with your renewed self-belief, you will set in motion a domino effect in all areas of your life, when a situation presents its self to you and it is not what you desired or thought about ask your self, what would love do now? Do not return to anger, resentment, control or fear. Your answer will be a lot different than when you were wallowing in self pity, angry, resentful or being a poor me. You will see that there is no right or wrong, there simply IS, and it is only your perception of having a right and wrong that creates all these dilemmas that appear to follow you around hampering your life, change the way you view the challenge, enjoy the experience, whatever it is acting out of love for love. Allow all angry and resentful thoughts to leave your mind completely, forever, and you will know peace.

Speak about what is only relevant, speak in a voice of love, speak only of the now, the only moment worth living, plant seeds for the future and accept that you have what you have asked for, it is as simple as that. It dose not matter if you have taken 30, 40, 50, 60 years to get this, the fact that you have it now is all that matters, start from this moment on to be in love with you, to speak in the language of love, to radiate only love. And from this moment on your life will produce for you all your truly desire.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have woken this morning feeling very inspired and refreshed, as I progress upon this spiritual path of mine, I see that the imbalances that I encounter are there to show me where I am out of balance, and what requires addressing to bring me harmony and stillness, I know that I have chosen to walk a rather challenging path, by opening up by being as different as possible to the main-stream crew, who believe all they read, and all that it is they feel they are here to do, my inner calling will not allow me to do that, following blinding one foot silently following the other down the road to a humdrum existence, even those of my friends who share my spiritual interests, are not evolving and changing as much as I am, they appear to 'believe' to a certain extent, yet they will not take full control over their life knowing without a doubt that they are where they are because they designed it, every single second of their life, that not one situation or circumstance that they find themselves in is anything other than perfect, and that if they wish to return to Oneness and design their life in a more harmonious and peaceful way then they are able to achieve this by simply knowing that they are the writer, creator, manifestor of their entire life, and by their sheer will they do produce what they see, hear and feel. I have allowed myself time to see this, and to be lead to this exact moment in time so that I could awaken to my true potential and rise again to the magnificent and serene healer I am. I have allowed myself to be frightened of my inner power, to doubt it, to present myself with obstacles and situations that would give me a excuse not to achieve, as it had to lead me to this perfect moment of remembering, to know that I have it all, I am it all, like all of us are, we simply choose to forget, to remain in fear enjoying the experience of humanity totally, wholeheartedly. It is so easy to blame someone else for your failures, and I have done that, allowed myself to give up and to allow others to be 'proven right' about my abilities and beliefs, when in fact I gave up, I stopped believing in my power, my magnificence. It is equally easy to give away our power, to find yourself mindlessly following someone else's dream. Still all is perfect, all is as it should be, and it has all occurred at the perfect moment, Now. There is no other time of any importance other than NOW. Say goodbye to yesterday, last week, last year, last decade, focus on this moment, and what this moment is giving to you, what this moment has created for you, for in this moment you will see your brilliance, your mastery, you will see if you allow yourself to, the life you have created by your every thought, attracting to you all that was required for you to transcend the experiences you wished to have, the goal, to move out of fear, and into love, to know that love is the only goal of your incarnation, to find your way back to love, to let go of all fear, hate, anger, blame and and and. It is all about returning to yourself, deeply and completely, returning to the stillness of your soul as you sit in quiet contemplation and rejoice at the reunion with the loving being you truly are, and once you have done that, the world is your oyster, you will produce the exact life you desire. The struggle will be over, take responsibility for your life. Responsibility = the ability to respond.

Blossom Blowing Bubbles

Bless her beautiful little heart, yesterday as Blossom was sound asleep her tongue was out for all to see and if you look closely you will see a little bubble on her tongue, I have never seen her so chilled out before, she was completely out of it. Its a hard life being a senior cat!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


This afternoon it has finally rained, a beautiful grey sky, full with dark fat rain clouds, thunder and occasional lightening, and best of all rain, rain and more rain, pouring down with such force, ending the dry hot and seemingly endless summer, the birds and the plants rejoicing in this spectacle, allowing the precious water to seep into their very being.

I love the smell of rain, it is pure love, a true gift from the heavens, I have longed for the rains to come, I have missed its sound and smell, with it I have missed the grey cloudy skies, skies that add atmosphere to the sky, what a wonderful wet and wild day, may many more follow in the weeks to come.
Remembering is ALL there is to it! Just remember who you are and what you are capable of, go within, in the stillness of being you remember who you truly are.

Note from the Universe

Our worlds actually have lots in common.
We've got angels; you've got angels.
Our thoughts become things, your thoughts become things.
We have no limits; you have no limits.
I make my dreams come true; you make your dreams come true.

The Universe


Whenever I require inspiration or to see or to feel the warmth of love in its truest, purest form all I have to do is look toward the animal kingdom, they love unconditionally with no hidden agendas.
The human race has a lot to learn!

Okay I Hear You

I have just woken up after having someone shouting at me 'Conversations with God, Book 1, READ it NOW!' Luckily for me it is on my bookshelf, after having fed Blossom who was also shouting at me, I have got up to do just that read Conversations with God. I went to bed last night and asked for assistance, after the day that was had yesterday I do not wish a repeat performance today or any other day in my future, I wish to know where to go, where to turn when all doors appear shut, and no one is listening! How I feel is a direct result to what I have been thinking, how I have allowed myself to feel, no surprises there, and because I refuse to return to old patterns, old ways of being, it has created a chain reaction in every area of my life, the more I find myself returning to my Soul and to my purpose on this planet, the more I find myself isolated and alone, with no one to understand what I feel or what I wish to do, I am surrounded by humans busy thinking with their Ego Mind, busy blaming everyone else for their 'problems' and for what is not right in their life, why can't they see that the life they have they created, and that they have the power to transcend all that makes them unhappy, that life is how it is because they have done everything in their power to create it just the way it is, it is in fact what they designed it is perfect. It is so easy to look at your family, friends, job whatever and put the blame there, getting into someones else's head and telling them what is wrong with them, what they 'should' do to make you happy, instead of looking at yourself, and seeing that there is something shouting at you, something is not right, this something requires your attention, listen to me, please! My search for my Souls purpose is my life, it is what I am here to fulfill, in fact ALL of us are, yet most of us are TOO busy playing 'human' getting caught up in the illusion of this 'one' and only life to understand that there is far more to it than that, and that life is not meant to be either unhappy or difficult in any way at all, it is like that because we created it that way. It is simple really if we don't like our life, then change your thoughts, change your words, change your deeds, change your circumstances, because if you continue to focus on doom and gloom, then that is exactly what you will get. If you continue to point the finger at everyone else and not sort yourself out and allow others to do the same again you will be plagued by unhappiness in all areas of your life, we are only responsible for our self, no one else ( and that does not make one selfish, that makes one whole), when you wake up and take responsibility for your life, and know that you are where you are because you designed it that way, you are on the right track. It is all about personal power and personal happiness, if you give away both then your life will not be happy in any way, each of us has the right to stand in their own power, to be what they want to be without ridicule and persecution for not doing what someone else wants them to do, for not fitting in to the 'normal' world. For those of us who walk in the path of the Light, it can at times be a heartbreaking and lonely existence, one where we feel outcast and isolated because we know that what others see as reality is no more than a grand play, where they are the starring actors, it is all an illusion. There was also a dream I was having just prior to waking up, I know that it too was relevant to my situation, yet its content eludes me now, yet it still there in the background waiting for the moment of recognition to arrive, until then I shall let it go and set about snuggling down on the couch with Blossom and begin to read Conversations with God.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Once again I find myself awake in the middle of the night, nothing on my mind as such, simply awake, and not tired, I like this time of night, the stillness and the quiet, you can hear the silence much more at this time of day. I feel I have let myself down a little lately, being incapacitated still to an extent with my knee I have not been doing any form of exercise, and eating some food that does not agree with me, and also I have even allowed wine to be consumed again, I feel that I have been feeling a little sorry for myself, thus slipping from my dedication to total body health, so instead of getting anal about my fall from personal grace I shall simply put it down to experience, and resume where I left off. I feel at times I give myself these slight set backs to prompt self growth, although not long ago I would have used these events to permit myself to fall into a 'poor me' mode, feeling sorry for myself and the predicament I currently find myself in! Nothing happens by chance Dear One, it is all designed by you, every single tiny detail, of course I know this, and I realise that it is relative for my growing awareness!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Smile and the world smiles with you, I am having a very smiley day today. I feel really happy within, the weather is warm, in fact so warm I am going to go and have a swim, lay in the water and look up at the sky and allow myself to drift towards home..............................

Plastic People

I am surrounded by plastic people living in a plastic world, of children that lack a childhood as they are so keen to be grown up, of women who think that the only things that make them attractive are plastic nails, plastic faces and breasts, trendy clothes, never-ending youth and oodles of expensive jewelery, oh and of course an expensive image promoting car! How shallow! I crave the company of people who can see past these meaningless material things, people who can see that there is far more to their existence on this planet than what the media force feeds them to keep them following like sheep, keeping up with what is in to wear, to drive etc. People who will claim that their town is 'the' place to bring up a family, yet when asked why this is they can not give you a viable answer, people who take you on a 'tour' of their home to boost their own ego as you gaze upon their possession in admiration, making their chest puff out as they feel you envy them and their magnificent castle, oh dear will they ever see, that life is far more than that! Who is it that decides what is trendy for a woman to wear, what car to drive, what holiday to take, what a home should look like? The media, politicians, business people, these people control the minds of millions of poor souls who are too blind to see that they are being manipulated every day of their lives. Lost in a world that is totally controlled and engineered to manipulate the mindless millions that follow. They do not question why, they simply rush out and buy the latest fashion or gadget to be 'hip'. Over here in Australia one of the current trends is that of the home theatre, which presently gives me the most belly laughs, you should see what some people have in their homes, they go all out to create a mini cinema in their house, complete with big cinema look a like armchairs, one for each family member, of course! Television is by far the biggest drug that we have to contend with, yet very few can even see this, they rush home at night to sit before their grand plasma television sets and allow their life to pass by as their brain switches off and they become tuned into the brainwashing dribble that entertains them each night. As they sit there watching the flickering images in front of them they munch away on TV dinners, soft drinks and junk food, which further corrupts their body and mind. Most of these people that appear to 'have it all' are in debit, in some cases they will get themselves in so deep that they will loose it all, and my goodness what will they have then???? What sort of life will they have without all this stuff? A normal one? I am not saying that I live in a hut without any modern appliances, nor am I saying that one should, I am saying that there is more to life than what the media tells you, that you can furnish your house with second hand furniture and still create a warm and loving home, you can dress in last years clothes, or clothes from ten years ago and still be a desirable and sexy, you can drive a car that does not have all the latest extras, women can grow their own nails, be happy with their own breast's, after all they decided what body they wanted prior to incarnating on this planet, so why should they wish to change it now, it was perfect then and still is, it is society that is deeming it otherwise by force feeding the 'super' models and actresses down their necks to make the normal women feel ugly and fat, abnormal, they do not realize that these 'super-people' have their photographs airbrushed, have plastic surgery and liposuction to maintain this false image of perfection. Many do no think about what they are doing and why they are doing it, they do not question why their children are becoming little adults, why families have lost the art of communication and why, when they buy these things it does not satisfy the hunger within them, they still want more. They have lost themselves and no amount of 'stuff' can get their soul back. They have to go within. I maybe viewed as strange because I am a natural woman, no plastic on or in me, I do not follow fashion trends, I do not watch television, do not read magazines, newspapers or listen to the radio, I read books, LOTS of them, I talk to my family, I talk to animals, plants, hug trees, I meditate, talk to my guides and to spirit, I don't eat meat ( or any other product produced from an animal), or junk food, I use each day as another blank canvas ready to create a new and wonderful day, to unfold another aspect to myself, what is wrong with me they say? I don't care what they say anymore because I am a real person an open and loving truly natural person, who is growing more each day by understanding the gift that I am, and that I am already perfect.


Sleep evades me once again, I lay awake last night contemplating the many changes that are taking place within at the moment, a return of ancient wisdom, a feeling of remembrance of life-times lived before, of feelings of anticipation of what is to come next in this my current journey.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The past couple of days have been shall we say interesting, I have been experiencing a variety of unusual and intensely spiritual happenings. I know that the more I continue towards complete remembrance these experiences will become normal, and the human state will appear much more abnormal.
Two things happened today which were shall we say, quite monumental, the first as I was sitting in a waiting room a man walked in dressed as a cowboy, very loudly he made his arrival known to all and sundry, as I looked up from my book to see who it was making this noise I smiled to myself and thought 'bless him, he thinks he is in Australia' which of course he was, and so am I! When I realised this fact I stopped for a moment to acknowledge this feeling, of only just arriving in my body, of thinking I was not where my Soul thought it was.
About half an hour later in my car and driving home, I was all of a sudden aware that I had not been in my body, I could not remember about 3 -4 minutes of driving, I felt my awareness reenter my body and thought how did I get here, at first I thought it was unsafe, however I am certain that I was being looked after and that my safety would not be put in jeopardy.
Interesting, I wonder what is next!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Affirmation for Today

Planetary Moon day 5
Year of the Red Magnetic Moon
kin 205:
Red Planetary Serpent
I Perfect in order to Survive Producing Instinct
I seal the Store of Life Force
With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
I am guided by the power of Space
I am a polar kin
I extend the Red galactic spectrum

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Blossom's Needle

Blossom had a trip to the vets this morning to have her booster injection, as usual she sat on my knee looking out the window, although this time she was shaking a little, she must have heard the N word!
Once inside the vets she handled herself with dignity and grace, even when a couple of very friendly dogs came to say hello, she responded with an almost silent yet convincing hiss! She took the examination in her stride and was her normal regal self as the needle was given to her, bless her little heart!
Once home she headed under the bed just in case any other nasty shocks were in store for her, I tempted her out with some kitty candy and we had a cuddle on the bed in the Sun........laying there purring all was forgiven!

Feeling Flat

Today and yesterday I have felt somewhat flat, a little out of sorts, I feel it is a result of a rather surprising spiritual revelation I received on Thursday, I am not concerned at all as I know these feelings will pass, I feel I am getting my heart around what was given to me. Be kind to myself and allow the changes to occur naturally if rest is what is required, then so be it.

Crystal City

This is the Cueva de Cristales found in the Naica Mine, Chihuahua, Mexico.
These are Selenite crystals (gypsum) and are the largest crystals ever discovered.They are 1000 feet down in a limestone host rock where they are mining for lead, zinc and silver. The miners had to drill through the Naica fault, which they were worried would flood the mine, and this is what they discovered.

From a geologist colleague who visited this place.... Amazing. His commentary:I got the chance to see that this past year. We wrangled a tour of the Naica mine from Penoles and got into the Cueva de Cristales. That had to rank as one of the most spectacular things that I've ever seen in my life. You know, I like to think tha t I'm pretty handy with a camera, but to get those shots ... those guys were working hard. They keep the room completely sealed. The temperature inside is 140-150 degrees. Humidity is 100%. That means that when you come in from the ambient mine temperature everything that is glass fogs over. Glasses, camera lenses. After 4 or 5 minutes your clothes are soaked. After about 10 minutes you have to leave before you go down with heat stroke. Seriously.

There have been a couple of teams of photographers (Smithsonian, Nat'l Geo) to visit the mine, solely to photograph the Cueva de Cristales, and the other, the Cave of Swords (still huge, but smaller crystals). They brought water-cooled suits so they could stay inside longer, and low-temp ovens so they could heat their gear prior to entering to prevent the condensation. Pretty tough conditions ... but they got some cool photos that the tourist could never get. Those things are for real. In a couple of the shots the photographer used a wide-angle lens and it gives the appearance that the room is bigger than it really is. If I remember right, it was probably about 40-50 feet across. Crystals bigger around than tree trunks. Certainly a tick-mark on the life's list of cool things to see!!

Alan Blackburn
Mine Geologist
BHP Billiton
Cannington Mine

Affirmation for Today

Planetary Moon day 4 Year of the Red Magnetic Moon kin 204: Yellow Solar Seed I Pulse in order to Target Realizing Awareness I seal the Input of Flowering With the Solar tone of Intention I am guided by the power of Universal Fire

Meditating Cat

Blossom's new favourite sleeping place is my meditation / therapy room, she always joins me for my sessions, bless her little heart, and seeing she is so dedicated she now has her very own cushion!

Friday, April 06, 2007


I have just finished a very deep mediation, once again I woke early, although this time Blossom woke me insisting on breakfast at 3 am, once up I could not return to sleep, we went and sat outside for awhile, I always enjoy the stillness and quiet of the early morning, it is a time that my soul enjoys. There has always been something about the dawn that has always drawn me, to watch as the Sun rises once again, there is a special magic that accompanies the rising Sun, I feel at peace and so connected to source by simply sitting there in silent appriceation of this mighty orb of Light.
It is no coincidence that I have always been drawn to the Sun, I have always felt safe, protected and extremely peaceful as I gaze at this magnificent orb, I feel it drawing me closer, filling me with warmth and cosmic energy, I feel the Light enter my body, see it as the billions of tiny rainbow shafts merge with my body. The way in which I view my body, (and everyone else's) changed some years ago now, and with it did my concept of what 'reality' really is. I know that what we see is not in fact what we are, we are made of millions of orbs of Light, all working together to create the illusion that is our body. These orbs of Light that I see are the same orbs of Light that make up the shafts of Light I see coming from the Sun, and going into everything and every living Being upon this planet.
I often forget how magical my life is, also how much I had already remembered on my self awakening journey, and this morning in meditation as I gave intent to remember, I realized that was not as asleep as I thought I was, I have come a long way already, however I had become stagnated and allowed my Ego Mind to take control of the reins, why I am uncertain, however it was required, perhaps to bring me to this moment, to remembering who and what I really am.

Affirmation for Today

Planetary Moon day 3 Year of the Red Magnetic Moon kin 203: Blue Galactic Night I Harmonize in order to Dream Modeling Intuition I seal the Input of Abundance With the Galactic tone of Integrity I am guided by the power of Accomplishment I am a galactic activation portal enter me.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Goddess Awakes

Eye of God

Eye of God Photo
The Helix NebulaNGC 7293
When is a bird not a bird............................................ When it is two plants posing as a bird. What a day yesterday was!


So many houses not many homes, I can honestly say that I have been into very few homes since moving to Australia, but I have been into many houses, houses that lack the warmth and nurturing environment that is a home, instead you are greeted by the material trappings that have taken over. We have built a new home since arriving here and unlike the vast majority our house is actually a home. When the house was still in the construction stage I went around to every room and placed crystals within the brickwork, I wished to amplify the energy I desired to create with our home, by starting with the crystal energy on the inside it has added to the ambiance of our home, even though it is still not finished inside, you can sense the peace and tranquility that radiates from within the walls. We are not materialistic people, we have not purchased furniture, floor coverings or any other household item by how much it cost and its effect on 'impressing' people, I mean in all honesty why would you wish to waste twenty thousand dollars on a wood floor, just to say 'its REAL jarrah! Who is that for? And why is it that we required all these rooms, for decades it was enough to have two to three bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room and lounge, now you are suppose to have at the very least three living areas, two kitchens, (one outside because people are too lazy to walk inside when entertaining outside, but mainly to impress their peers with their top of the range BBQ area), home theatres, this is one that really makes me laugh, how shallow life has become! Our home is not a furnished with top of the range anything, however it surprises many when they find out that most of our furniture is second hand, (some people are visibly shocked that we admit it) found browsing all sorts of interesting places, it is amazing what you can find. We do not require people to come into our home and ooh and ah about what we have, we simply like people to visit us, it is not important in the slightest what they think about our possessions, and to be frank I do not wish those sort of people in my home anyway, if that is all it is that interests them, I will not be drawn to them in any case! Perhaps the materialistic people ought to ask themselves why is all this stuff is so important, why do they have to have all these things, hocking themselves up to their eyeballs just so that they are not out done, what a state to be in! It is all about 'status' about who has the biggest and the best, and if you have bigger and better, then of course you must be a 'better' person, right? Wrong! How superficial, no person no matter what walk of life they come from is better than another, we are all equal, and therefore I feel that this obsession with opulent houses is yet another way of dividing people not only from others, but also from themselves. Life is not about acquiring possessions, it is about living and loving, and a home is where your heart resides, where you nurture your loved ones, enjoy your friends, somewhere to be still and to relax, not a place to brag about what you have and how much it cost.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Note from The Universe

When pondering on the vastness of the cosmos, please keep in mind that it goes even farther inward, from where you now sit, than outward.
Yeah, you're deep.

Save gas, go within - where all of life's mysteries appear in "primary colors."
The Universe


I feel with each passing day that I am returning to my path, with a renewed oomph, I feel that I am getting closer to fulfilling my souls purpose, my destiny.
I understand that I have been stopped for a reason, and although I may not fully understand it at this time, I know that all is as it should be, and more than likely as I planned it to be! I understand and accept that I lost my way for a brief period of time, I stopped believing in myself, in the powerful and talented body worker that I am, I now see that I was hampering my own success and abundance by allowing myself to feel as if I were inadequate in my abilities as a masseuse and healer / energy worker, in any case I feel that this lapse of confidence was required for me to see how thoughts are things, I had not listened to my own advice and produced myself a rather delightful set of circumstances in which to grow. It is working and I feel myself returning to my soul after many months of exile, self inflicted of course, creating for myself a enormous array of lessons, all designed I am sure for me to smell the roses and wake up. Awake I am, at last!
Life is a Miracle!

The Face of Perfection

I just have to say that every time I look at Blossom I am looking at perfection, she is so precious to me and I cherish her with all my heart. I know that if ever I doubt my abilities of manifestation all I have to do is look into her eyes and know that she is the product of what I asked for. I was very specific in asking for a cat that desperately required a home, an old cat, and presto there she appeared. She may have her physical flaws (to others), to me she is sheer perfection. And she shall be adored until the end of time.