Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who are we........................

I know that not everyone shares my beliefs in where we originate from and who we really are, I feel that as long as I feel that I know the truth in my own soul and heart then that is all the matters, I understand more about my journey with each passing day, I know that I decided to incarnate upon this planet at this time, I know that I AM an honoured and respected Master in the realms of my origin and that my peers and guides are with me continually whilst I am separated from them here on Earth. I know that I have, especially this last year and a half, been extremely unsettled here due to all the upheaval of our relocation to Australia, however I am working through this now and in doing so a clarity is returning, my vision is clear and my purpose in life is once again the most important part of my life. I feel that it has been vital for me to endure and work through all these 'life dramas', that without any of the scenarios that have taken place in my personal journey I would have missed a vital clue in my reawakening, at times I have lost my passion for my souls fulfillment, yet never totally, it is if my soul stands guard and allows my ego mind to take me so far, but then just when desperation is nearly ready to engulf me completely my spirit takes control and out of the depths of despair I begin my climb up the steps to Ascension once again. I know that I am moving forward with my personal awakening, and I feel as if this is it, the battle is about over, soon will be the time when all the cleansing will be done and my life will be free of lessons, the goal reached. In these recent weeks the change that I have sensed within me has been subtle yet amazingly powerful, it is little things that I notice now, such as in the way I foresee an energy exchange, be it a phone conversation or in person, it is different now, I am happy to blend into the background, allowing others to play out their drama, waiting to see where I actually fit in, sometimes I know I am simply to watch.

My Light family are giving me more signs now, I see them bursting through into this dimension at all times throughout the day or night, confirming for me that I AM doing okay, and that I am really not alone, no one is ever truly alone. Even in our deepest and darkest hours of desperation they are there standing by watching and feeling our pain, waiting for us to call on them to reassure us of their love and support, all you have to do is close your eyes and go into that still place within your heart, to feel with all your might the compassion and love that surrounds you, always, no matter where you are. Take the time for stillness, it is the best investment you will ever make.

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