Thursday, March 29, 2007


You know you are getting somewhere within your personal journey when you realise that you have been stalling, whether or not you were aware of this is not important, that fact that you are now back in the drivers seat taking firm control of your life is the only important fact to be considered.
I know that when I have these learning periods within my own life, those around me who do not flow their spiritual journey as I do, always take it as a sign of failure on my behalf, not just of myself, but also my beliefs, 'their journey', living my life the way I live makes me my own worst critic, I actually don't require another to pass judgement on me one way or another, and besides, those who pass judgement are only judging themselves! They ought to do their own work instead passing comments upon others.
My journey is individual to me, it is only relevant to me, as I am the only person who shall experience growth at the end of my incarnation, often I have forgotten this rather important fact, and have become involved in what others have thought, thus taking me further away from myself.
I feel that my frustration is in my inability at times to be heard, then I realised (again) that those who wish to hear what I have to share will find me, I was frustrated also with the state of my life work, I know intuitively that what drives me is not from this planet, and because I have attempted to 'fit in' I have become un-balanced in body and spirit. Bless my heart!
Taking my power back and knowing that my knee injury has been a mighty and valued lesson, time to stop and to BE, to begin to find me again, stopping the unnecessary quest for fitting in with 'normal mainstream' humanity, that I shall never be apart of.
My guides are always there, I know that as hard as I am upon myself, they are there loving and supporting me, giving me glimpses of their radiant essence. I know that my work on this plane is important, of great worth to those who will be drawn to me, and this time where my confidence has lapsed was required for me to see my way clear again, to renew my knowing, my destiny.
I had become so lost, alone and isolated on my journey, once again feeling that I required to learn something else, that my abilities were not up to par, I was in fact stopping myself, preventing myself from my ultimate success, it is amazing what time alone can do, as these days of rest are continuing I find that my vision is returning often prompted by words of another, although the final choice is of course mine, it always is.
Whatever I felt was not flowing within my life, I knew it was my choice, and that it was required for my highest growth, that it was manifest into my reality to assist me to see where my blocks were and what I was required to do. I feel that the flow of energy has once again commenced, that I am returning fully to my path, the one I designed before I came to this dimension, without resistance and baggage from others, those who have shown me resistance or judgement of any kind shall be removed from my life to be replaced with those of a like vibration, to insure peace and tranquility within my life.

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