Friday, March 23, 2007

Today I had a profound experience, an awakening perhaps is a better way to describe it, throughout my spiritual journey I have had many such experiences, all signifying a new growth or segment of my personal journey.
Today I emerged from a form of self imposed slumber, as I looked around me, the water sparkled like diamonds, so bright and mesmerising, the trees whispered to me of things ancient and wise, the magpie sung its chorus of love to the world, although I felt it was directly to me, I saw the ducks resting on the lakeside, idol and waiting enjoying the NOW, the same NOW that we as humans spend little time in, how many of you take the time to watch the trees, hear the birds, feel the wind as it whispers in your ear, enticing you into its sensual world of flight, a silent world so enchanting that words are useless in describing its power, its magic. The only world that makes complete sense to me here on this planet, nature, pure and magnificent, raw and intense, silent and gentle. The same energy that pulses through the trees, plants,animals, birds, water and fish pulses through each and every one of us, connecting us silently and inwardly as we share the reality that we find ourselves in. I give thanks to my soul for directing me towards today, guiding me through a lifetime of probabilities and possibilities that lead me to where I am this day, aware and ready to stand true to my beliefs, to my destiny, the destiny that shall lead me back to Oneness, to living in the heart.

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