Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Throughout your life you meet a variety of people, some of these people you realise instantly that they are special to you, there is a recognition within your soul, within their soul, a knowing that is triggered by this person. Often we may take awhile to understand what this connection is to be, but usually they are the ones you are instantly comfortable with, you feel at ease with and have so much in common, or simply understand each other in ways that no one else can. When we are reunited with these special people it is vital that we do not dismiss the relevance of what our soul is telling us, that we stop and listen to our heart, taking the time to hear what is being said at soul level, to understand the importance of this gift. I feel most deeply that you remind these special people of the magic that they have given your life, how just by being themselves they have enriched your life, given you a gift that no amount of money could buy, it reassures us that there is more to this life than meets the eye, when in moments of desperation you receive contact at just the right time, when you feel that life has dealt you a pretty tough hand. My special people know who they are because I tell them, thank them, and I love them and cherish the day they entered my life. When all is said and done a hug can reach a long way, thousands of miles in fact, engulfing you at the time you require it most, from arms that vibrate love at its purest. Unfortunately they do not always share your journey closely, often you will find yourselves many miles apart, yet that connection still remains, strong and unbroken in its intensity, it simply is part of who each of your are. I thank the Universe for the gifts they have given me, mostly for my special people.

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