Saturday, March 10, 2007


As you are living in the focus of NOW, without a past and without a future, you are allowing the space for new knowledge and solutions to 'problems' to float into your consciousness without strife and struggle. (P'taah 1995)
P'taah has had the greatest impact on my life, the teachings he has given to humanity has at times been the only thing to pull me through, his energy when felt is so intensely loving that it caresses your entire being bathing you with a love so powerful that it penetrates your whole being. He is here as are many other interplanetary teachers are to assist humanity in the coming transition to the new world age, the age of Light. Like all relevant teachings for this current world time, P'taah tells us of the importance that of staying in the NOW, allow the past to float away and the future to come when the time is right for it to appear. He teaches us to know who we 'really'' are and of our power to create our life, to unfold our destiny and regain our inner harmony.

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