Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Note from The Universe

It's kind of like everyone's now in the winner's circle of the Universe, living in time and space upon the crown jewel of all creation, planet earth. And that they earned this right through various and assorted unremembered heroics in another realm of reality.
But now, having forgotten this, instead of rejoicing at the glory of their bounty, indulging in the dance of life, and thriving with dominion over all things, they begin taking notice of who lives in a bigger house, drives a faster car, or has more songs on their ipod. Forgetting, even, that their simple presence in this bastion of order, beauty and perfection is a far greater accomplishment than anything that might subsequently happen upon it.
The Universe

You're a winner, on the cutting edge of reality creation. Beautiful, perfect, and all powerful. I say play more.

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