Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Vision

This morning as I woke I saw this image in my minds eye as clear as day, I sensed that this is a message to me, a message that has come at the right time for me, it was so vibrant, so intensely beautiful, and although this is the closest image I can find that resembles it, it is somehow not as magical and vibrant as the one I was given.
Clarification was required for me to know that I am on the right path, that my self learning is in fact vital for me, and my question for a sign that I am on the right path has given me this as its answer, how elated I feel, and so at peace and in tune with not only myself, the Universe as well. In these past few months I have found more than ever my quest into Oneness, into Enlightenment has been a long and difficult journey, and with all my recent health challenges it has given me a chance for real growth, for me to see what I required to let go off, and that it was I who was creating my dis-easement.
I had got to the point not so long ago of thinking that I should just give up, that all of this spiritual stuff was not getting me anywhere or giving me anything, how wrong I was, for when I truly look with open eyes I see how far I have come, how much I have changed and how detached I am from normal human lives, and how happy that makes me feel.
I know without a shadow of doubt that I am where I am meant to be, doing what I am meant to be doing, that I AM on the right path..

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